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Frequently asked question


I made a channel, but can't seem to find it anywhere on Zideo

This can be the case if you have not yet added any video's to your channel. Only channels with video's can be viewed on Zideo. So if you create a channel make sure there is atleast one video uploaded.

What are channels?

With the use of channels on Zideo its possible to make your own video site. On this video site you have the designing controle, and may adjust colours themes and pictures to your desires. You can place your own video's on this site and can also add other peoples video's to your favorites.

Embedded players & Widgets

What are widgets?

Widgets website elements can be used on another website. The simplest example of a widget is our videoplayer. You can upload your video to your facebook account by clicking on the 'add to facebook' button in your Zideo account.

How can I adjust the album widget to fullfill my wishes

The lay-out of the album widget is based on the channel of your choice. The colours used in your channel are used in your album widget. In other words you can only use a album widget if you have a channel.

Zideo Privacy

What is considerd personal information?

With "personal information" we mean all the information given to us which can be used to personally identify yourself, like your name, e-mail adress, bank account, etcetera.

What is ment by cookie?

A cookie (also tracking cookie, browser cookie, and HTTP cookie) is a small piece of text stored on a user's computer by a web brower. A cookie consists of one or more name-value pairs containing bits of information such as user preferences, shopping cart contents, the identifier for a server-based session, or other data used by websites.